RESIDENTIAL ROOFING REPAIRS PERTH WAPerth repointing Slade and Sons provides a full range of roofing services.

  • All types of residential roofing repairs Perth WA
  • All brands and makes of tiles replaced and repaired.
  • Water leaks into your house found and fixed. RESIDENTIAL ROOF REPAIRS PERTH WA
  • Metal / Colourbond roofing leaks found and repaired.
  • Storm damage roofing returned back to normal again.
  • Roofing tiles second hand restoration.
  • Pitched roof ridges and valleys.
  • New roofs tiles and pointing. RESIDENTIAL ROOFING REPAIRS PERTH WA
  • Roof repairs perth wa and up to 400 kms from Perth.
  • Tiling of concrete and clay roofing tiles
  • Replace tiles, ridges and valleys for insurance work.
  • Up to date materials like Elasto-max and Selleys flexible compounds used.
  • All types of roofing repairs and water leaks fixed. RESIDENTIAL ROOFING REPAIRS PERTH WA
  • Rebedding and repointing for ridges restoration.
  • Rebedding and repointing for hips.
  • Guttering replacement and new down pipes.
  • Replace ceilings and cornice from water damage
  • Replace insulation / Pink Batts etc

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Our Repointed roof tiles. Cost of re-pointing restoration work. RESIDENTIAL ROOFING REPAIRS PERTH WA WHY USE SLADE ROOFING CONTRACTORS FOR YOUR ROOFING REPAIRS? .Free roof quotes and. free re-pointing advice.
Roof inspections. and written roof repair reports. Insurance repairs.Professional roof plumber. and experienced roofing tradesmen. Quality workmanship roofing perth. Insurance work ridge cap tiled roof restoration.Very strong perth winds can cause tiled roof damage. Strong winds tiles off roof. Hard storm rain roof repairs perth. Local bad weather in WA can loosen ridge tiles from your roofed house. Mortar beds and allow rain and wind into your warm house in winter. ROOF REPAIR PROFESSIONALS PERTH.

Cracked ridge tiles replaced. Clay ridge tiles. Damage repair to ridge tiles restoration. Perth ridge tiles re-bedded prices. Replace damaged tiles. Ridge caps fixed costs. All concrete tiled roofs have all of the upsides of clay tiles. The advantage of clay tiles perth. Costs of ideal re roofing. and new tiled roofing work because it has such a wide range of options.Long life tiled roofing fixed locally. Long warranty on repairs. Storm repairs tiled roof perth. Old tiled. Slade and sons roofing repairs and re-pointing. Slade family run business with over 5 years. Experienced roof repair company perth WA. We do your new roofed tiled repointed ridged capped pointed. Full aspects of roofing. ROOF REPAIR PROFESSIONALS PERTH. We offer a service to WA, which includes all components that make a watertight WA roof. Blocked gutters. Complete roof replacement. Slade roofing contractors. Ensuring that water penetration is a thing of the future in perths local market. Our new company roof solutions. We can make you a cake, or we can fix your roof tiling. Please include the following for perth hips restoration DIY. Faulty roof timber replaced. Valleys fixed Gutter replacement. ROOF REPAIR PROFESSIONALS PERTH .Flat roof tiles. Gable ends repointed restoration Perth.hips and colours restoration. Environmentally friendly repairs Perth WA.

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ROOFING REPAIR PROFESSIONALS are a DEDICATED company with a COMMITTED crew, that work LOCALLY in all aspects of roofing SOLUTIONS, to provide you with ON-TIME tradesmen every time, that take great PRIDE in their work.