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Roof tile repairs are done by our experinced crew. We are Perth locals and we know the local roofing framework, both timber and steel, and can repair roof frames if needed. It is a simple fact that roof tiles move over time and the cement mortar bonding does break. Cracked cement is most commonly found in the roof joins where the idea is to keep rain water out. Roofs that are old and have been exposed to the harsh WA sun for decades, as well as the winter storms, will quite naturally crack, over such a long period of time. We can find a soloution to this as we do roof tile repair work all the time, it is our profession. ROOF TILE REPAIR WA

Even though we mention above, that we do roof tile repairs on roof tops, we do not recommend repairing an actual tile. Cracked or broken tiles should be replaced, not repaired with silicon or similar. We believe it is far better when we are on your roof, to replace a tile than just repair a damaged one, it is more cost effective and also efficiant to do this way, and safer to.

The hips or ridges on the roof can also be replaced when they are found to be broken during our inspection. Sometimes if you have a leak and call us out to inspect the roof, and we find it, we will temporarily fix it, until we can get back to replace the damaged tiles / ridge capping or hip caps. A roof leak can sometimes require roof frame repairs or modifications (timber framework or steel framework purlins, rafters, trusses etc) to allow the roof tiles / hips / valleys / ridge to sit correctly again and this can fix the problem of the water leaking in. We will assess it for you and give you sensible and accurate advise.  timber

Call one of our dedicated crew on 0450 753 952 for awesome service !

We cover the greater Perth Region, we have three teams, North, south and East, so one of the crew will be near you.



A tiler can repair and replace. or indeed several of them. You can always fix it yourself, by lifting the course above. and slipping in replacement hips. This becomes harder if the existing tiles. Are nailed down to the battens or purlins.  If a course of nail tile colour restorations. Roof repair professional Perth WA.

Is encountered but is not a drama. As all tiles should be ideally fixed down tile cement. Are nailed, his job is the same. in all of re-pointing quotes perth

leaking tiled roof perth. Fix my leak in Perth WA. Tile fixing company perth. If you have water leaking into your home. water penetration is through the tiled roof. If you have noticed that many tiles are broken. Tiled slip down or have slipped. Restoration Tiles missing re-pointing. You are going to have to call a roof repair company perth

Ask the perth roofer during his quote.
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ROOFING REPAIR PROFESSIONALS are a DEDICATED company with a COMMITTED crew, that work LOCALLY in all aspects of roofing SOLUTIONS, to provide you with ON-TIME tradesmen every time, that take great PRIDE in their work.